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Fruitful Interruption Needle-sharp Enduring Shimmer Gleaming Still Easeful Sweet Treats Summer Berries Symbiosis Elusory Regal Splendor *** Reviviscence In full bloom *** Reverie Finding time... Fluency Delineated Slowing down... Autumn Harvest Freshly Squeezed Plenitude Enlaced Unwrapping Afternoon stroll Daydreaming Bejeweled Entwined Looking Up Season's Greetings! Bare Reflection Lush Awakening Soft to the touch... . . . *** Crafty Dreaming of... In a row Plentiful On return... Cascade In abundance... Planting Of great promise... Marvel Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! + a little Giveaway to start the New Year right Thankful Settling down... Renewed Overwhelmed In the garden... Musing Daring Bakers' Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake Deviation and the winner is... Daring Bakers' Chocolate Pavlovas with Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse and a Giveaway Natural All smiles A few moments... Indulgence Croquembouche with Coconut Pastry Cream Tranquility Repose In the clouds Breathe Passing fancy Lightful Within Touch Daring Bakers and the Orange Tians Floriated Boutonniere In waiting Juvenescent Daring Bakers and the Quest for the Perfect Tiramisu Explore Enveloped Light as a feather Smitten Wondrous Conversations Daring Bakers' Graham Crackers and Nanaimo Bars with a Twist Daring Bakers and the Gingerbread Village Season's Greetings! Autumn Radiance Daring Bakers' Banana-Mascarpone Cannoli, Site Update and Holiday Sale Under a spell Serenity Where the heart is... Tender touch Daring Bakers' Macaron Disaster As if by magic... Daring Bakers: pâte feuilletée and Vols-au-Vent Together All that is left... Souvenir d'été Sensual Daring Bakers: Dobos Torte Spellbound Sweet Perfections Sneak Peek: Seriality Milan Cookies Bright & Early En rêve... Delightful Bakewell Presence Chance VACD June/July 2009 Summer Exhibition Flight of Fancy Peaches & Cream Spring Spirit Luster *** Longings of the Heart Love Apples Something Sweet Simple Pleasures Curl up... Rosette Sun-bright Tendresse In perfect harmony... Hidden Treasures Savor Curiosity Serenity Tell Me a Fable Small Talk Calm Peacefulness Odds & Ends: #7801 Rabbit Ears Blue Study Everlasting Sweet Nothings Catch a glimpse... Västerlånggatan, Stockholm Magic Moments Great Expectations Airy-Fairy Pure + Simple Season’s Greetings Grace Reach Out Morning Glory Head Over Heels... To Life... *** Falling into Winter II Falling into Winter I Cloud Nine Inrush Odds & Ends: #27222 Odds & Ends: #33109 Odds & Ends: #33114 Odds & Ends: #33124 Seashell Study I (Simplicity) Verdure: #8325 *** Elation *** *** To the top Fineness Aureate Reminiscences Interlacement Silky Soft Indulgence Gemination The Redwood Tales Breath of fresh air Odds & Ends: #7822 Luminescence Through the Glass I Tzfat Wonderings Unfinished Enchanting Light *** *** *** *** *** VACD June-July Mixed Media Exhibition Fountain Floaters Susan G. Komen North Texas Race for the Cure® *** (blooming prairie onion) Verdure: #8413 Seashells: #26919 Window Shopping: Trends Beach in a Bowl Magnolia in bloom Watercolors - Iris Watercolors: Iris Convergence *** VACD April-May Mixed Media Exhibition City Geometry #22125 Imperfection Tulips Bluebonnet Dreams Bluebonnet Dreams Texas Wildflowers Violet - Viola missouriensis Iris - Foliage *** *** Lazy Afternoon *** Japanese Maple Yoshino Cherry Yoshino Cherry in bloom Flowering Kale - Coral Queen Flowering Kale - Coral Queen Flowering Kale - Kamome Pink Flowering Kale - Crane Pink Flowering Kale - Crane Pink Spring is in the air Peacock Eye Peacock Eye *** Flower Art International Exhibit Winter Experiments Walking around Taos Walking around Taos Walking around Taos Walking around Taos VACD March 2008 Juried Exhibition 'The Many Faces of Santa Fe' Exhibition 'The Many Faces of Santa Fe' Exhibition Mums In the hills of mums *** *** *** City Geometry #26224 Urban Overlay City Geometry #26020 The Great Highway Cosmos Bipinnatus Happy Halloween Happy Halloween City Geometry #23113 Anticipation Elements Hötorget Hötorget Hötorget Hötorget New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts New Mexico: Arts & Crafts *** *** *** *** 2007 ON MY OWN TIME Skansen *** *** *** *** *** *** Japanese Maple Taos yarn After the rain Carnation Whisper *** *** Cosmos Skansen Skansen Skansen Moderna Museet Murano *** Contingence Unfurling Bourgeons Prairie Onion *** *** *** Prairie Onion *** *** VIEWPOINTS 2007 One-Two-Five Jurried Art Show Around the Bend Exhibition *** Trio [2] *** Passiflora Calla Lily *** *** Hötorget Glasswork #15320 Happy New Year Happy New Year Adorned Intertwined Fireworks of Colours *** Diaphanous *** Geranium Geranium Ardor Ethereality *** Graphism: #1104 Graphism: #1101 Graphism: #1103 Odds & Ends: #7709 Ringlet Metamorphosis Blush Spring Thing Masker *** Twain Shaken, not stirred Luminous Sunny-side up *** In the garden *** Above the crowd Creme de la Creme Inmost *** Midnight Sun Eccentricity Playhouse *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** In bud In the morning sun *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Tomato World *** *** In Disguise New Beginnings *** Spring Weave Colors of the Desert: #2702 *** Enchanted Wild Ones Duckies in Pink Indian Blanket In the field Her Royal Highness The Backdoor Flower Shop Celestial Fireworks A deux Fine Bone Fantasy Butterfly Morning Coffee