It's time for a little break... to catch up on emails, blogs, and all other socials... to reflect on a few things and chart the road ahead...

The Labor Day weekend is coming up and I'm taking a few extra days off and flying out to the Bay Area. It probably would have been more productive if I stayed home, but I've been longing for a vacation for quite some time now.
Although it's not a true vacation, since I will be diligently cooking every meal. :)

Just a few housekeeping things before I disappear...

* You can now follow me @everyday_beauty on twitter and find me on facebook.

* The old plain rss feed has been upgraded and you can find it here or by clicking on the feed icon, feed icon.

* The portfolio section is coming down.. finally.. as it's quite embarrassing :) ... but a new and updated portfolio is coming soon. Stay tuned...

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend..


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