Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

I have been slacking off with the blog posts...
I just wish there were a few more hours more in a day and a few more days in a week as I struggle to get all the things needed to be done and the ones I want to do.

I think I have an interest in way too many areas and I probably need to weed out my feed subscriptions as they no longer get me inspired and keep me up to date on things, but rather push me closer to sensory overload.

Keeping up the website and providing the content for it keeps me quite busy, but I do sometimes wish I knew less about web development/programming so I could use the already available tools and just post my images for you to enjoy and create new things based on the many ideas swarming in my head.
Hopefully some of those ideas will start materializing in the next few months...
Stay tuned. :))

Have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend. :)


SymbiosisElusoryRegal Splendor***ReviviscenceIn full bloom***

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